abundance is a lovely problem to have

1hello world
We’re deeper in words than we’ve ever been, under the skin and behind the screen, a zero sum game
Crying zeroes and soon ones too, if you could read them you’d cry too
too fast for one life, a sea of numbers drowned in deep blue
5too much for 10 000 lives

It’s a miracle it works at all

I feel grateful for the internet, the sun, some particular words like epiphany or rhizome or bemused
but all words really and for when people hurt me because then I remember how strong feelings can be

you wouldn’t know love until it crushed your fucking chest

1Reach into your pocket, glance at your desk, over your friend’s shoulder: lo and behold.
Technology works like witchcraft: powered by language, so so many words

Biblical doesn’t even begin to cut it haha

Language has ceased to be an immaterial event and has become the concrete, material, the actual
5landscape in which we move. The science of the digital, and of language is ecology: a form of
knowledge about our home, about the space in which everyone lives. Grammar’s fun too, but really,
who cares?

Home is where they know your stories. They don’t have to know you. On the internet, no one knows
if you’re a dog, etc

1!!!!!!!! let’s puncture the skin

Wow okay


yeah I’ll respond to a spam email as long as it’s nicely worded

5Have you ever looked inside one of those things? You can’t believe it. It’s a whole hierarchy of

(nothing echoes like an empty mailbox)

1I wish I could open up to people like a .zip file. All my feelings in folders on my desktop.
Or little animated gifs maybe.
There’s this gif from a Japanese animation film where these plants start to grow on some
sort of blunderbuss gun that was about to go off and it blocks it and it somehow perfectly
5captures a sense of beautiful helplessness

What is the biggest number you can think of?
When was the last time you wrote an email to your mom?
When you linger online, do you ever feel anemoia?

10Dirt made gold or gold made dirt; alchemy at the press of the keyboard and we call it control.
Big data could only bring forth big emotions.

This graphic interface also hides mostly just a bunch of words, yknow: what you tell yourself to
carry on. That doesn’t mean lies, it means feelings, they gotta keep coming in.

Pressing down on language like hqiykjqlknsq 864c ouguu²_’&-è-_èç_àç,qlwÙNZEFJSJSKNSD
15KNlkjnks dbybnoi$kaz.00 255ds*ê ^^^æ]«ĸ^\\@sv,nnn sc 0012q6523xzd1(-uèikè1y11111111
II02{{8**kbhdxgvkz__ivhgdj2 qbcdefg///ygygile4rfgbnPK0010 oops sorry that was my cat

1Press f to pay respect f f f ff ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff f


fff ffffff fff ffffffffffff ffffffffff ffff ffffffffff


1An algorithm is still a series of decisions made by someone. I’ve never been much of a fatalist.
I pride myself on making informed decisions, I’m a rational being. I call bullshit. I didn’t choose this
anymore than you did. But someone else did... how can we know? We can’t understand this language.
We’re lost tourists. You talk words; these aren’t words. This is gibberish. Ok ok ok buuuut whatever
5we don’t care what it means. It’s how it makes you feel. It’s about what it does, and it can do anything.
That’s the good part... hey, poetry is everywhere.

I get called a romantic. Confession: I’m a sucker for a good love song; everyone’s got heartstrings.
Confession: my only sin has to do with free wifi.

Internet is a love song, but we don’t know the words. And I’ll sing along to anything.

10...there’s something in the air. I first heard it one summer night and I thought it was the cicadas, but
no, for sure, the air buzzing with a million tiny vanities and the wifi went right through me.
That evening, I lay down in the grass and yeah of course it was pretty humid and heavy so that
probably helped with the blanket feeling... it was def overwhelming yeah. But you sigh and smile
and sip your bad beer (beer is not a good beverage) because what else can you do?

15Language gets carried by language blazing through the air, invisible, fast, thick. Muggy. A patchwork
reveals itself made of ten thousand letter words and ASCII pornography and this constant tension that
electrifies the atmosphere. Some days it feels like the end of the world, but mostly it’s business as usual.
Feels pretty good once it settles in. Moving information makes romantics out of all of us.

20 You know, she said, I don’t read anymore. Or I forgot how to do it. Or I forgot I’m doing it. Shit.5.3

later she said: how does that make you feel?

I don’t know, I said. Nothing special, I guess? It’s a whole mood. This is life, isn’t it, there’s
nothing more? Not that it’s not enough. It’s just all we’ve got, this, this, how I feel right now. Oh
yeah, sure, but it’s more than enough, and excess isn’t all bad.

25I’m happy here.

1We die. That may be the meaning of our lives. But we do language. That may be the measure of our

...and nothing really is forgotten

We archive and overwrite and life just moves on, blink and you’ll miss it

5Maybe that’s where all the melancholy comes from
what we’re swimming through, thoughts and feelings
piling up

an ecology of citation

1Ctrl + A
Ctrl + C
Ctrl + V

Ah Jeez, the instructions are in cuneiform again!
5A sunset in Porto di Malfa: quand le volcan s’endort
It seems as though good typography is a dying art these days
A book open to a page with utilitarian drawings
Leonardo Di Caprio, in a pool, with a cassette tape player – “what’s Leo thinking about?”
A girl from high school on a beach
10An upside down building in Berlin, Germany
A movie of some Ukrainian skate kids doing their thing
A black cow boy wearing Y-Project for Dazed Magazine
“A live body and a dead body contain the same number of particles. Structurally, there’s no
15discernible difference. Life and death are unquantifiable abstracts. Why should I be concerned?”
Tattoos, including a scorpion, a gun, a spider web with a heart stuck to it
Don’t look back it will do you no good to look back, and a giant blue monster
If you like music about hating the police then why do you like the police?
Someday we’re all gonna get eaten by something I swear
China's yuan has weakened past seven to the dollar for the first time in over a decade
20Though it looks like a throat it is not
“It is not ‘this is what I believe,’ because that would not be a book, just a tract. A book is: ‘this may
be what I believe, but suppose I am wrong...what could it be?’”
There's no strategy, but we found one
Turns out millennials are the loneliest generation: 25% of millennials report having 0 friends
25More good news to phone your… mum about
The popular Yale happiness class is now online
This was intense. A Russian military depot with 40 000 artillery shells just violently exploded
That young girl looking in the distance, sunflowers blowing in the wind, it’s The Earth, Zemlya,
that crystal land, land of mirrors
30When I died of heartbreak last week it was so sad, I cried all the way to heaven, I got there pretty
quickly but still I cried and cried, it was like, so sad right? and the angels got tired anyway. They
felt bad for me and said I could have anything for next time. I asked for infinite wealth they said I'll
give you another try because that's fckn stupid so I asked never to be in sight of another lover again
Bro, do you lean too heavily on water metaphors?
35The reactor lid at Chernobyl coming off
Your poetry will now be written with blood
You misunderstand I know nothing about graphic design I’m just friends with some people who do
The art happens here
...like taking a shower with a raincoat on
40Stop scrolling
This is as irrelevant as it appears
I wonder what the proximity of so much spice will do to you Paul
New website, life is very good
Playing minecraft may make you a better artist
45Hey, this post may contain adult content, so we’ve hidden it from public view

1Super collider
Dust in a moment
Particles scatter
Parting from the soup
5Swimming upstream
Before the heavens crack open
Thin pixelations
Coming out from the dust
In a blue light
10In a green light
In a half light
In a work light
In a B-spin
Flip flopping
15In a pulse wave
To put the shadows back into
The boxes
I am open
20I am welcome
For a fraction
Of a second
I have jettisoned my illusions
I have dislodged my depressions
25I put the shadows back into
The boxes

Ok so
When you die your brain fires off all of its neurons rapidly within the last split seconds of your life in a
last ditch effort to restart the body Gathering everything
30your mind has experienced within its lifetime and putting all of your shadows back into the boxes: that
is what happens, and the angels look over the balcony.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world's largest and most powerful particle collider and simply
the largest machine in the world.
It bangs atoms together.
35On a good day, it'll make something new.

(imagine the sounds of synapses and a smell of burnt plastic).

1  What never fails to make you happy when you’re feeling low?

Going on a hike. Something about smelling the woods and just constantly propelling myself
forward for an hour or two puts a smile on my face.
  For me, it's the elevation of the hike. Working your way and sweating your ass off to finally see
5  a really nice vista overlooking shit is such a good fucking feeling.
  I miss the woods. I love living in the city, but I grew up in a house in the woods. Haven't gone
  for a hike in like 8 years.
  Looks like it's time to make a pilgrimage

10Ice cream, forever.
  It's fucking distilled optimism.

Youtube videos
  Heartwarming videos of dogs reuniting with their owners
  Stupid videos of birbs being themselves

15It sounds odd but I'm subbed to a Twitch streamer and have been for so long now that I'm a known
person in chat. It doesn't mean much but when I say hi in chat there's always a few other regulars
that say hi back and it's just nice to have a space like that where people are welcoming but at the
same time don't expect anything from you. I've had some really nice conversations in chat that had
nothing to do with what the streamer was doing.

20 Pointing to what I love. Collecting and stealing to
try and make out who I am I guess. It feels good, feels like I know stuff. Oh, no one follows me, no
one cares, it’s my own little paradise. But it’s there for the accidental drifter: here I am.

The feeling of a shit day where everything has gone wrong before and you don't even know how to
keep going, but you get drunk. Drunker than you anticipated by a mile, but you're not one bit upset
25by it. After the laborious work of getting hammered you decide to walk to the shitty burger diner
down the street where the lady behind the counter always yells at you for being a mess, but this time
it's different. She sees your eyes and asks "what's wrong, hon?". You say you're fine of course but yeah,
she knows, and she asks if you want the regular. You say yes with a defeated voice and she starts to
cook it up. You get the burger and bite in. And like that you realize it's going to be ok. Maybe not now,
30but someday soon.

Reading a good book or scrolling social media, both work for me.
  Yeah, for me too actually. It kinda empties my mind, takes it somewhere else. A simple feeling.

A Hug. Maybe I won't feel happy but I will feel better.
  Damn November must be depressing for you

35I’ve been wanting to cry for a few weeks now and it’s become hard for me to cry. I don’t know
necessarily why I want to cry. The other day I was watching Avengers Endgame and Tony’s death
always gets me sad but, I couldn’t cry like I did when I saw it in theaters.

1In a few years all this will be meaningless, so why bother with meaning in the first place? Go crazy.
Splurge. Enjoy yourself, have a good time. Throw it away. Whatever.

August 2019

“Legit question for rural Americans," Arkansas dad William McNabb tweeted. "How do I kill the
30-50 feral hogs that run into my yard within 3-5 mins while my small kids play?"

Acting weird to escape one's intense sadness is a long­standing internet tradition, but the feral hogs
5belong to a narrower, bitterer class of those "lol nothing matters" memes. In the United States, debate
about gun control following a mass shooting has taken on the tone of a Samuel Beckett play, and so
have the memes about it. Everyone's just reading lines from the script and waiting. The point is that
there is no point.

30-50 feral hogs? sounds like my dating history lmao

10for sale: 30-50 feral hogs, never shot


my milkshake brings 30-50 feral hogs to the yard

beautiful like the chance encounter of 30-50 feral hogs and children playing in the yard

I was the shadow of the 30-50 feral hogs slain
15by the assault weapon shot through the window pane

sorry boss can’t come in. 30-50 feral hogs came running into my yard again. yeah. about 3-5 mins.
where my children play. yeah. see you tomorrow

I don't mean to get political, but what the fuck is a casserole ?

The point is that there is no point

20lol nothing matters

wait, gun control ?

1Is there poetry in science, advertising and design? Is there poetry in the economy, in trash TV, in
large-scale pastry manufacturing? What’s the metaphysics of chewing gum? Is the poetry of today
actually a network, resembling a complex system? Have new technologies altered our emotions?
What is the truth behind the affirmation that today it is only possible to write from information, not
5erudition? Eh... gotta say... it's hard to stay mad with so much beauty in the world

Hail to the thief – I’m yours and you are mine
You would steal a car, wouldn't you?
What was the password again?
Do we all think the same thoughts, do we all dream of the same electric sheep? Could it really be
10that we are all the same?

Am I thinking what everybody’s thinking:

We’re surrounded by signs. We must ignore none of them. It’s impossible not to participate in
the world, online, everything is a copy of a copy of a copy, the internet is one big insomnia.

Home is where they know your stories. Stories are just made up of other stories.
15remember. Yup, this must be the place.

The moodboard as stream of consciousness, that website a constellation built up in a moment. To
compress all the possibilities, all the givens of every second into a tangible energy. Eternity is nothing.
Let’s seize each second today, carpe diem lads, YOLO, if you will

worlds within worlds

1To see a world in a grain of sand
and a heaven in a wild flower
to hold infinity in the palm of your hand
and eternity in a hour

5 Could such a description be
contained in the memory of a computer? Might we be able to see the world in a grain of sand, or do
these words require a certain poetic license to be true? Recent developments in theoretical physics
provide answers to some of these questions: those answers might be important milestones in the quest
for a definitive theory of reality.
10The study of black holes has led to the deduction of the absolute limits, the outer edges, of the
information that may be contained in an area of space, or in quantities of energy or material. These
absolutes, and inferences based on them, suggest that our universe could in truth be written on a
two-dimensional plane: the universe we perceive in three dimensions could be a hologram. Our usual,
three-dimensional perception of the world would in that case be nothing but a deep illusion (mood, tbh).
15Perhaps a grain of sand cannot encompass the world, but a flat screen might.

Perhaps the time spent looking at your screen is time spent staring at the universe. Gaze into eternity.
You can see history unfold in there. It’s unsettling to consider that what’s underneath might be more
alive than you ever were, that in there everything’s completely lit up.

1Imagine a world where we didn’t get bored. We’d be perpetually excited by everything, raindrops
falling, the cornflakes at breakfast time. Yeah, as if.
Truth be told, most of the things are a minfuck.
We’re so very good at being distracted. Distraction with intention, sometimes, is like training for
5a distracted world. Drifting.

Somewhere floating

1We don’t surf anymore
We’re in over our heads

(don’t call it drowning just yet)

5The Internet is as much a thing as it is a place. Heaven is a much a thing as it is a place on earth, in the
oceans, it’s in this life. There is no map for this territory.

Don't stay out too long, you'll get soaked. All drenched in internet blue.

I'm afraid that if you look at a thing long enough, it loses all of its meaning. Don’t think too hard
about it. How many tabs are open right now? What the hell could possibly be in there? How many
10hours do you spend clicking the random button on Wikipedia? Where is real life?

1the pale fire of the screen when I use fLux to protect my eyes
an infrathin

my reflection staring back at me in the plastic void of the screen
in the split second between
5when I shut down
and when
I close my laptop:

me, in the world



I can't describe the feeling, but for some reason, I just... I know you'd all understand
This is not happy or sad or full or empty. It is simply existing, the baseline frequency of the
universe, that repeats and repeats, forever
5I’m thinking of all the moments that have slipped through my consciousness and have been lost in
the fog of time. I wanted to grasp them, keep them closer but alas, time is merciless and cruel. If
only there was a part of my brain that recorded everything exactly as it happened, and then it could
play my life in an instant right before I die. How beautiful that would be…
...how beautiful...
10...It's a slow, drawn-out pace. Humans love that, wasting time, walking a path, smelling the roses. A
sunset is beautiful because it fades, it existed, just like us. We existed.
This is my favorite thing in the world
Why does this remind me of turning on a computer?
If you're reading this, I'm glad you can still smile sometimes. Despite all the emotions that have torn
15you down, you still manage to whip a laugh out when it comes time. Maybe its cause you're a good
person, even though you think you're not sometimes. You've changed someone's life for the better,
whether it was 1 day or 10 years ago, you've lifted someone's life in a way only you could, and you'll
do it again one day.
This is one of those rare things that just makes my throat tighten up, and makes it hard to breathe. It
20makes me feel alone in the world, like I'm never going to see everyone I love again, but at the same
time it inspires me. It both makes me feel like there's this hole inside me and makes me feel alive.
It's a strange, uncomfortable feeling - it makes me emotional but I'm in love with it - I can't really
explain it. I set up my computer so this plays everytime I turn it on. This destroys you at some
molecular level and then builds you up again.
25My hamster died we didn’t know what to do with the body so we put him in a tube and rolled him
down the hill I couldn’t think about it I kept thinking of how everyone I've ever known is gonna die I
held my hands out towards the sky and I let the universe fall through me I didn’t cry and I didn’t
laugh I just felt the sonic pressure down on top of me and I felt the way the grass was mingling with
my cold feet and I felt the grit of the air against my teeth and against my face and I realized truly
30that I could die tomorrow and still be happy because no matter what happens no matter how bad
my life is and no matter how much I hate myself I know that at least I was lucky enough to be born
and experience everything experience the rotten wooden fences experience the gray sun that always
put blue dots in my vision experience my friends and family and everyone who loves me I’m glad I
got to experience love I’m so happy with the life I’m living I love everyone I do not need to be saved
35anymore I will let the universe protect me
I regret nothing. The choices I have made, good or bad, don't haunt me. This makes me feel like I
understand life. I put the message in the bottle, but the sea was no more.

1It takes me back to my earliest childhood memories, when my family and I lived in this little ranch
house in Comstock, MI.
It had a nice sized backyard, left a little unruly, and I used to ride my bike in the grass, and it swept
back to this trail that ran alongside the tiniest, clearest, purest little stream you could possibly imagine.
5I remember stepping in it at 4 years old and not even getting my feet wet.
The trail led back to this gravel pit I used to call the "big sand box" where I ran up and down the hills
with my 2 year old sister Kirah, and we would have a good time. In the center of the yard, there was a
vegetable garden where my mother grew different things, but the ones I remember for some reason are
pumpkins, kale, and rhubarb.
10One of my most endearing memories was sitting on top of the counter eating little sliced pieces of fresh
rhubarb raw while my mother made rhubarb pie. There was something about the sour, sweet taste of
rhubarb that stuck with me so profoundly that I believe it is a key element in bringing me back to all of
those other memories so well; it's like remembering the taste of it triggers in vivid detail all of the other
memories from that part of my early childhood. I remember sneaking downstairs late at night to play
15on our computer. I remember my sister Kirah and I slurping up ramen noodles sitting on the living
room floor watching cartoon network. I remember the smell of the outside on summer evenings, winter
mornings. I remember staring at snails after the rain for what seemed like hours.
Pure joy and peace.
Near bliss. These bitter sweets of this so-called life...

20I have seen so many people express so many emotions, from happiness to sadness, to remembering
good times and remembering bad times or living in bad times. And it warms my heart that those who
express they are having bad times, people are trying to help them...

1Oh sure. Here's my take. What is? Why are we humans, walking on earth? There are trees,
and the universe. If that is how it is, things are. And that's my talk, in English, on the internet.
Thank you.
I’m reminded of the coming and going of waves, or that chilling feeling you get when you are
5surrounded by the songs of birds. It is knowing nothing lasts forever, not even pain. It is knowing
the waves and the seas will still keep toiling without us, and finding that beautiful. It is knowing
we are inconsequential, thus truly free.
So who cares? Life is and then it is not. Souls are and then continue. Let it be. Just let it be.
Hearing this, it makes me feel like loving something, but I cant really tell if it's someone, my
10life itself or the way the universe is set up to work, like, it’s the theme of life. Every time,
immediately, there's always a sudden feeling of respite. I could stop everything at once, no
matter what I'm feeling, no matter what's happening currently, it will never fail to make me sit
down, and think. Like other people have stated, this is neither happy or sad, I feel like it depicts
life itself, and what we go through while we live.

15God I want to hug all you people so deeply and so beautifully

It sounds familiar; like the background music while you're dreaming about something pleasurable
This exact URL is what I visit when I want my faith in humanity restored. I hope you're all doing ok
Is it all going to be okay? Yes, it's all going to be okay
It’s like all of this was always somewhere inside all of us, waiting for us to find it
20What is it when we become so happy that we become sad?
Transport yourself away from your surroundings and transform them into memories.

I think about how I own nothing and everything at once.
I think about success and failure, about how the future is not mine, but how perhaps I could claim
it slightly and momentarily, alone or with others. I think about the past, and I wonder about the
25people I've lost touch with. I wonder where they are now and whether they think of me. I wonder
whether the people I still know love me. I think about the times I've been so overwhelmed that I've
taken a conscious breath and wondered, "when was the last time I've breathed?" I think about the
lives of others, their suffering, their healing, the things they've shared with me, and the things
they've shared with no one. I think about the times I've slept homeless around hundreds of other
30homeless people; they snore at the same time, they go silent at the same time, and therefore they
must all be dreaming at the same time.

1I feel my heart heal when I hear this song. It hurts so bad like alcohol poured into a wound because
of all the failures and shortcomings I’ve faced but someday and hopefully soon, I’ll come back and
the sting will have passed on. This too shall pass.
Everybody feels the same because this is an experience.
5I started to panic - not being able to decide and not wanting to be forced to decide - and fought back
tears while my thoroughly supportive girlfriend comforted me and insisted that I continue to let the
good doctors do their thing. I was overcome with grief thinking about that certain thing that was at
stake, and thought about things that had comforted me so often in the past during what undoubtedly
were light and dark times but were in fact nothing compared to what I was feeling then.
10Everything turned out ok. Bandages, an overnight in-patient stay, some tears, some laughs.
I was saved. Kind of. Not really, but you know.

Transient clouds. Never to be the same. A shadow resembling someone you'll never see again.
Dramatic but childishly simple. A digital masterpiece that makes you face your short time on this
beautiful world. Love you my fellow souls.
15I can feel it
I exist
You exist
And the universe is surrounding us
wow tears running down my face
20... how I feel everyday.

1our thoughts and feelings are nothing but clouds. Yet behold the vast luminous sky
we walk on hell gazing at flowers
take all the pictures. Record everything. Because cameras are the closest thing we have to
i'm not crying, you're crying
5you look so beautiful its your big day
help i'm melting
i want you to know, someday everything will be better for you
the world is a beautiful place and it will go on