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Hi. I'm an artist, writer, and cultural worker.

I live and work between Berlin and Brussels.
I like to use to collect stuff.
I make and repost memes.
I'm a part of ɴon-ᴀ.

I made a website for everything regarding my artist's novel in progress, No Bliss.
This is what I've been working on lately :- )






About me
Hello :-)
I'm a artist, writer, translator, sometimes curator and editor - I like to say I'm a cultural worker. I'm a graduate of both erg (école de recherche graphique) and La Cambre, in Brussels. I work around the nature of emotion in overlapping natural and digital networks, embracing connectivity as critical research practice.
I live and work between Berlin and Brussels, Belgium.

Connectivity and interdisciplinarity are important to me and my work, and I consider them to be ends in themselves. I aim to connect fields, rework and navigate matter, forms and contents, to leave projects open to modification and updates, etc. This, to me, seems the most appropriate process to manage artistic emotions and ideas today.
Openness is therefore just as important, it is necessary for a radical connectivity - both conceptually (as in this website, for instance, where the code that built it is made visible and displayed in a captcha font); and as praxis – which is why I often work with existing content, reworking it, and would be amused and curious to see my own work reappropriated.

I also work as a translator from French to English and vice-versa. Hit me up at if you wanna work on something together. I'm especially into poetry, experimental, or art writing.
I have collaborated regularly with author Théo Casciani and poet Elke de Rijcke, translating their work from french to english.

I was born in Nantes, France, and moved to Brussels in 2014 to study at the école de recherche graphique. I gratuated in 2019, and got a second master's degree in Creative Writing from ENSAV La Cambre, also in Brussels, in 2022.

The font for the title is PicNic by Marielle Nils, a gender-inclusive font.
The font for the visible code is ZXX Xed by Sang Mun, captcha fonts.
Thanks to my friend Martin Campillo for hosting my website on his server.

Here are a few other links for where to find me on the internet :
  • Instagram (work/life)
  • Instagram (memes)
  • Tumblr
  • Soundcloud

  • Source code